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Vinay Putreddi

Greetings! I'm Vinay aka vinnyputty aka 4dpolytopes (and many more). I'm a twenty-something computer engineer (a combination of electrical engineering and computer science) and hardware enthusiast currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area. When not working on projects I find interesting, I spend my time cooking, hiking, and learning. I haven't yet found a subject that I'm not interested in learning more about. I absolutely adore biology and I don't often get to spend time on it due to my selected education path, so if you even want to just talk let me know below! I have also been teaching in one form or another for nearly a decade. Head to the top of the page for direct links to professional information and a link to a page with recreational information. I do have some presence on social media; you can find them linked at the bottom of this page. This website is still in its infancy, so there may be missing or broken functionality. Please bear with me as I find time to flesh it out and fix issues (if you'd like to make me aware of something please do so using the contact form below).

Feel free to contact me!